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Please join us! We greatly appreciate all the parents that came to our morning meeting! It was a good turnout! Hope to see you there! If you have questions, please reach out to Mrs. Thomas at Marsha.Thomas@yesprep.org or Mrs. Mendoza at Sandra.Mendoza@yesprep.org



If you have any questions pertaining to Aspire, please contact Ms. Aaron at 713-924-5360 or Tiffany.Aaron@yesprep.org
*Clubs may continue to be added and parents will be notified
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High School Only:  

Students who have 18+ unexcused absences during any semester for any course, as a result of excessive absences, will receive a NG (“No Grade”) notation on their report card at the end of each semester. The NG notation hides your student’s grades due to a lack of attendance. Your student may not be failing the course, but they have failed to meet state attendance requirements, so they could not receive a grade. House Bill 5, an updated regulation passed by the Texas Legislature, outlines standards of promotion and graduation to include attendance. The school considers students who miss more than 10% of class time as “excessive, unexcused absences”. Student may correct this notation on their report card by one of the following:  

1.       Repeating the course - if student failed multiple courses  

2.      Attending credit recovery - if student failed 1 -2 courses  

3.      Completing attendance recovery - if student passed the course but failed to meet attendance standards  

More information around enrolling your student into credit recovery or attendance recovery will be released in February. Attendance is very important in ensuring the success of your student both academically and socially. We are here to support both you and your students in intervening with their excessive absences to ensure they are successful and on track for promotion and graduation. If your student is absent from school, please ensure that you bring a note to the front office. If you have any questions regarding this information, please reach out to our Director of Student Support , Ms. Jones (Carey) at brittney.jones@yesprep.org

For more on HB 5, go to https://tea.texas.gov/academics/graduation-information/house-bill-5-foundation-high-school-program



We must notify families when a student misses a certain amount of school if you received a letter from us this week (or next) - this is a notice for your records. There are two possible actions you can take:

lf you received a letter from us this week (or next) - this is a notice for your records. There are two possible actions you can take:

  1. Provide the school with an excuse note on the days your student was absent
  2. If you believe the absence is an error, email askypnorthwest@yesprep.org or call the front office to notify
    • You may also review students' attendance via Skyward!

Attendance matters, ensure the student is present and on time daily. We understand an array of situations can happen that can prevent the student from attending, we ask that the student advocates for themselves and get the missing work from their teachers ahead of time or when they return.

School Attendance Policy and Procedures:

  • A student is considered absent when missing 20 minutes of class for any period

  • Families should provide an excuse note once the student returns to campus (the student should turn it into the Front Office)
  • Excuse notes = Doctors/Clinic documentation or the guardian can email (askypnorthwest@yesprep.org) or provide a handwritten letter
    • Excuse note MUST include student's full name, date(s) missed, and the reason for absence

Important Update:

Students are having a mandatory Advising Touchpoint with the Director of College Counseling based on building a stronger relationship and covering topics such as SAT Practice score results, Khan Academy Test Prep Commitment, but most importantly to get to know each other better when it comes to setting the students for success in class, around school, and continuing to build a college-ready mindset and foundation.

Important Update:

100% of Class of 2025 will be REQUIRED to complete some sort of student opportunity, extracurricular, volunteering and or upcoming summer opportunity. This is a school/district goal for YES Prep Northwest - please know that students opportunities and tracker can be found in Schoology and this has been shared with students since the first day of school - (if this is your first time hearing this as a parent - please have a specific conversation with your student and reach out as soon as possible to the Director of College Counseling in order for us to make sure we set your student for success as this is an imperative requirement and necessary for their upcoming year for them to create a solid college portfolio.

Important Update:

Scholarship Opportunities for Class of 2025 have been posted in Schoology Scholarship Folders from Q1 to Q4 please review the scholarship bulleting, links and resources so that students can start applying for as many scholarships as possible (please help us by encouraging your child to apply for scholarships - do not miss the opportunity as every month there is a scholarship bulletin updated) Any comments, questions or concerns feel free to reach out directly to:

Mr. Osornio

Director of College Counseling

Email: javier.osornio@yesprep.org


Attention YES Prep families! Let us know your child will be returning to YES Prep next school year by filling out the Intent to Return Survey! Log on to Skyward to fill out the survey.

Please make sure to submit the survey no later than Friday, February 3.

Your submitting this survey helps us effectively plan to serve the students, families and communities of YES Prep and secures your child's seat for the 2023-2024 school year.

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Calling all of our YES Prep HAWKS family! We need your help! We need to reach our campus goal of at least 40 referrals! Help us meet our goal! If you know of any family that may be interested in applying to the YES Prep Lottery, please fill out this referral for a chance to win some YES Prep Northwest SWAG!



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Links to Bookmark:

https://linktr.ee/yesprepnorthwest - This link is the most important one to bookmark! It contains all relevant links throughout the school year.

Skyward -  View grades: assignment grades, progress report grades, and report card grades. Attendance: tardies, absences, etc. Schedule: classes your student is enrolled in.

Schoology -  parental access to Schoology, you can sign up for weekly reports as well as impersonate your child/children to view their classes, current and upcoming assignments, grades, etc. Schoology one pager: English | Español.

HERO - Behavior tracker, merits and demerits are visible to both student and family.

Transportation - View our current bus routes

Digital Library - How to log in to Sora


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  • Family Notes

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