HAWKS Family Notes 8/28
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We hope all HAWKS had a great first week! We understand that this first week a lot of our students were still getting the hang of things and some were not added to proper Teams pages to attend their class. Please have patience throughout this new process, we are working on getting everyone situated where they need to be.

We have new and returning families, so we want to take a moment to re-introduce ourselves. We are YES Prep Northwest, serving grades 6, 7, and 8 grade. Each year we will add a grade level until we reach 12th grade. Our staff is committed to providing the best possible experience and education for all students. 

Please take a moment to read this comprehensive Welcome to YES Prep Northwest (spanish) packet. We gathered all of the information we have shared up to this point. We understand it can get overwhelming, such as not knowing where to find information.

What the packet covers:


microsoft teams

How does my HAWK Log In?

  • Watch this video (spanish) to guide you on how to get onto Teams.
  • Go to www.office.com on a computer
  • HAWKS should use their Microsoft Log In that ends with @yesstudents.org
  • Passwords for all students have been set to YesStudents17
  • Navigate to Teams once logged in at www.office.com
  • If using a smartphone or tablet, students should download the Microsoft Teams app from the app store to log in
  • If your log in does not work, complete this form

How to Guide (spanish)

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What is my student’s schedule?

You can see your student’s schedule in Skyward.

Your student should be added to the classes seen on their schedule, if they are not - you may contact the teacher directly through Teams or via email to be added to the class.

NOTE: Day A and Day B schedules alternate

The following classes will be every other day:

Science, Social Studies, Principles of Info Technology, and Foundations of Fitness

Subject_Teacher Name_Period Number_A Day or B Day

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Need a Device?

Please ensure you have completed the Device Survey and Tech Agreement in Skyward.

We will contact HAWKS families once devices are available for pick up.

If you need assistance with internet, please contact Mr. Swift at Terence.swift@yesprep.org

NOTE: If you currently DO NOT have a device, the student can use a tablet or cell phone to download the Microsoft Teams application while we work on getting a device for you.


IMPORTANT: If you picked up academic materials, but we DID NOT have a device for you, please WAIT until you receive communication from the school that we have a device ready for you. We are working on getting devices to all our students, we thank you for your patience.


Please complete re-enrollment forms found in Skyward Family Access. Skyward is our new and improved student information system.




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