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View A/B Days for the Month of October

Date/Time Event Notes
September 15 - October 15 Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month  


October 6

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

8th Grade Parent Meeting Learn more about your students grade level, meet the teachers, and overview of 21-22

Monday - Wednesday

October 11-13

Common Assessments Students will be testing on these days


October 13

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

9th Grade Parent Meeting Learn more about your students grade level, meet the teachers, and overview of 21-22


October 15

YES Prep Holiday No School


October 18

YES Prep Holiday No School


October 26

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

HAWKS Family Association Meeting Join us for our first HFA meeting. You'll learn how you can get involved with event planning, and be able to collaborate with the campus on futur


A message from YES Prep Public Schools:

YES Prep Families,  

You continue to be in our thoughts today. Our CEO Mark DiBella has a personal message regarding support available to students, families and staff during this difficult time: CEO message

We recognize Friday’s violent incident at Southwest is still evoking many emotions, and we want to remind you of this resource with recommendations on how to discuss these feelings together at home: https://bit.ly/YPFamilyResource

You don’t have to cope with this alone. There are counselors ready to follow up with students needing support. Please reach out if they need someone to talk to (bit.ly/yesprepsaf).  

While classes are closed at Southwest through Wednesday, we are working around the clock to provide every resource possible to support the Southwest community for as long as is needed.  


YES Prep Public Schools 


Harmful TikTok Trends at School 

TikTok is an online app that allows users to post short videos of various activities. Anyone who has access to the internet can download and use this app. Recently, videos have may be promoting harmful behavior at school, such as "Devious Licks." Students who participated in the "Devious Licks" trend have vandalized and/or stolen school property. News has been circulating that more harmful trends will be promoted monthly. You can see the list below.   

Please talk to your children about these or any other harmful trends or any actions that go against our YES Prep behavior and community expectation and encourage them to NOT participate in them. We share this reminder as it has been brought to our attention that students have engaged in some of these harmful and inappropriate behaviors.   

Examples of TikTok Trends 

  • September: Damage school restroom  
  • October: Slap a staff member  
  • November: Kiss someone else's girl  
  • December: Deck the Halls with trash and inappropriate graffiti  
  • January: Jab a female  
  • February: Destroy school signs  
  • March: Make a mess in the cafeteria or courtyard 
  • April: Grab boys' privates  
  • May: Skip school 
  • Junes: Flip off front office  
  • July: Spray a neighbors fence 

YES Prep students are expected to behave in a manner that promotes care for all individuals, contributes to a safe environment for students, and provides an educational environment free of disruption. Please remember that all students are expected to adhere to the school expectations and YES Prep Student Handbook.  Any students who are not adhering to these expectations outlined in the YES Prep Student Handbook will be held to the consequences outlined in the Code of Conduct. The school may call authorities depending on the level of the misconduct.      

Thank you so much for your assistance! We appreciate your partnership as we work to help students understand how their actions impact other people. We know that with your support, our students will continue to grow and become more successful. For additional recommendations, please review the tips below.    

Recommendations for Families:    

  • Talk with your child about caring and protecting the school community and avoiding any participation in harmful behaviors.  
  • Monitor and review your child's messages, internet history, or other activities 
Report any harmful activity at school 
Parent Meetings

SAVE THE DATE! You are invited to join our grade level parent meetings. During this time, families will be able to learn more about their child's grade level, meet the teacher, and important information will be shared. This is a great opportunity to ask questions. All parent meetings will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

6th Grade: Did you miss it? Watch the recording here.

7th Grade: Did you miss it? Watch the recording here.

8th Grade: Wednesday, October 6 @ 5:30 PM

9th Grade: Wednesday, October 13 @ 5:30 PM

HAWKS Family Association

We want to invite you to join our HAWKS Family Association, you'll be able to connect with other families and collaborate to enhance your child's experience while at YES Prep Northwest. 

What is HAWKS Family Association?

  • We work together to identify fundraising priorities and opportunities.
  • We collaborate in cultural and community events throughout the school year.
  • We help promote good communication between parents and staff to enhance the wellbeing of our children.


*Completing the survey will identify you as part of the HAWKS Family Association. We'll reach out directly for support/volunteer, additional  meeting for planning/collaborations.

SAVE THE DATE! Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 26 at 5:30 PM.

Common Assessments

October 11 - 13

What are Common Assessments?

YES Prep administers common assessments to monitor progress in students’ coursework and college readiness. These assessments also furnish important information about students’ progress and help YES Prep staff better support students in their journey to college.

Key Word:

  • Assessments = Tests




Links to Bookmark:

  • Skyward -  View grades: assignment grades, progress report grades, and report card grades. Attendance: tardies, absences, etc. Schedule: classes your student is enrolled in.
  • Schoology -  parental access to Schoology, you can sign up for weekly reports as well as impersonate your child/children to view their classes, current and upcoming assignments, grades, etc. Schoology one pager: English | Español.
  • HERO - Behavior tracker
  • Transportation - View our current bus routes
  • Digital Library - How to log in to Sora
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