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Reopening Phases

Based on guidance from local health officials, all YES Prep students will now continue learning online through Sept. 25. For those who choose in-person learning, we are planning a phased-in campus reopening—as conditions permit—starting Monday, September 28, with elementary and a limited number of students in 6th through 12th grades.

This phase-in process will last several weeks until all students have the option to participate in the in-person at-school learning program beginning the week of October 19th.

YES Prep Reopening video - English

YES Prep Reopening video - Spanish

District Letter 9/4 - Spanish version

YES Prep Program Survey (available as of 9/11) - Survey

IMPORTANT: We are asking ALL families to complete the survey "YES Prep Program Survey" by logging into Skyward

The survey will ask:

  • Technology, do you own a personal device (not YES Prep device)
  • IF selecting "IN PERSON AT SCHOOL", what mode of Transportation will you be using


At YES Prep, we believe that it is critical to support your student not only academically, but socially and emotionally. This year, YES Prep will be providing intentional Social and Emotional programming to all YES Prep students.

Students: If you are not in an advisory Teams page, make sure to reach out the teacher (found in your schedule) to be added or your GLC for help

Learn more the program: https://www.yesprep.org/reignited/family-resource-center/sel

  • View, Introduction Video
  • Find, Family Resources


What are Family Gatherings? This is an opportunity for the entire grade-level including teacher to meet and discuss:

  • Any upcoming events and pertinent grade-level or whole school information.
  • Celebrate student awards such as honor roll, perfect attendance, and core value awards.
  • Build grade-level community by playing fun house games.

Throughout virtual learning, Family Gathering will occur once a week on Friday’s from 11:55-12:15

Students: Look for updates in the "Northwest Student Updates" Teams page


Today NEW students were sorted into a House during Family Gathering. You may be asking yourself "what are Houses?" Each letter in HAWKS represents a House: Honesty | Action | Wisdom | Kindness | Service.

All Students at YES Prep Northwest are sorted into a House (think Harry Potter style) and will remain in that House through the remainder of the time they are at YES Prep Northwest. By providing a place of competition we believe it can lead to better cooperation skills and to have a sense of community.

Note: Students are placed in Houses at random.

During the school year, we have house competitions where Houses gain points in various ways and at the end of the school year the House with the most points wins the HAWKS Cup Award!

Currently, SERVICE is the defending champion (18-19 & 19-20 winners). We were excited to see our NEW HAWKS getting pumped to be in a House and those returning excited for another year of competition!

WEEK OF September 14 - September 18

Schedule Explanation

Day A and Day B alternate. The following classes will be every other day: Science, Social Studies, Principles of Info Technology, and Foundations of Fitness

  • Example: Subject_Teacher Name_Period Number_A Day or B Day

Synchronous: 45 minutes 

Students engage in course activities, usually via a live Teams video call that is planned and facilitated by their teacher. • Students interact with their teacher and other students. • Requires everyone to be online for a scheduled event.

Asynchronous: 45 minutes

Students engage in course activities online or offline. (Examples: watching a video, completing a Microsoft Form, reflecting in their class OneNote) • Students have control over their path and/or pace. • Students usually learn or practice independently. • Students receive additional support individually and/or in small groups.

Where to find Student Schedules

You can see your student’s schedule in Skyward. Student, if you notice you are not part a teachers class in Teams, start a chat via Teams with the Teacher to get added.

Exit tickets

All exit tickets are due at 5 pm every day, unless told otherwise by the teacher.



YES Prep administers assessments to monitor progress in students' coursework and college readiness.  These assessments also furnish important information about students’ progress and help YES Prep staff better support them in their journey to college.

Learn more about the assessments given at YES Prep: https://www.yesprep.org/parents/student-assessments

MAP testing days: 

  • Sept 2 - Reading for 6th and 7th
  • Sept 3 - Math for 6th and 7th
  • Sept 9 - Reading for 8th
  • Sept 15 - Math for 8th

Legacy Community Health Services 

Legacy Community Health will continue to provide both healthcare and behavioral health services to all students and families for the 2020-2021 school year.

Behavioral Health: Tele-Counseling has been available throughout the summer and will continue through the school year with Legacy therapists.

Pediatric and Family Healthcare: Starting August 24, 2020, Legacy clinics will physically open at 4 regional hub sites for both curbside quick care and in-person pediatric well-child appointments and vaccine care. Clinics will be open to all YES Prep families at the following YES Prep campuses:

  • YES Prep Gulfton Secondary, 6565 DeMoss (77074)
  • YES Prep Southeast Secondary, 353 Crenshaw Rd. (77034)
  • YES Prep North Forest Secondary, 6602 Winfield Rd. (77050)
  • YES Prep White Oak Secondary, 5620 West Tidwell (77091)

For both behavior and clinic appointments, please call 281-628-2050 or visit LegacyCommunityHealth.Org






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