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Hello Northwest Families!

I hope you had an awesome holiday and winter break. We want to start our spring 2024 semester off strong and in order to do that we need your help with two initiatives – semester one report cards and the Intent to Return Survey.


Your students semester one report card will be made available on Skyward on Friday, January 12th. Please feel free to review grades starting on then. Also, we will be sending a copy of the report card home with your student on Tuesday, January 16th for you to sign. Here is how we need your support:

  • Please ensure you review and sign your students report card on Tuesday evening. If  students do not have it signed by Wednesday, January 17th, they will earn a demerit.
    • If it is not signed by Thursday, January 18th, they will earn an auto lunch detention.
  • Once we receive a signed copy of their report card, your student will be given an additional copy for you to keep for your records.


For the Intent to Return survey, we will be printing a paper copy that will be going home with your student along with their report card on Tuesday, January 16th. Please review the survey and fill it out completely. The purpose of this survey is for our families to share their intentions on the 2024-2025 school year because we know that the retention of ALL students is essential to our success. The longer we keep our students, the greater the gains we will see in their academic achievement. We have incentives for the first students and homeroom who turn in their survey! Your student will receive a small prize the week of January 15th if they turn in their survey AND for the first homeroom to have 100% completion, they will earn a pizza party!


Thank you for helping up with these initiatives and please reach out if you have any questions.   






  • Family Notes

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