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Strength & Conditioning w/ White & Allen

Strength & Conditioning w/ Allen & White

Strength & Conditioning w/ Allen (Basketball Focus)

Driver's Education Program

Board Game Club w/ Alexander

ASPIRE Study Hall w/ Oluwasanwo

SAT Prep Club w/ H. Wham

Fellowship Club w/ Chapa

Volleyball Off-Season w/ Roberson @ Gym

Student Council w/ Ben & Pena

Cinema w/ Foxx

Gaming Club w/ D. Wham

Drama Club w/ Ben

Cooking & Baking w/ Canzius

Interact (Service) w/ Troncoso

 Strength & Conditioning

SAT Prep (English) w/ Shorter

Anime w/ Alexander





Unified Tutorials ELA  ended this week. Unified Tutorials for Social Studies and Science will end next week, 4/17. Unified Tutorials for Math will end 4/23.

College Corner Updates

1. More than 40 YES Prep Northwest students participated in a W1 domestic trip, W2 domestic trip, or regional trips to Texas.

2. Students visited over 50 universities during the trips – all trips combined plus the opportunity to learn more about the states and their culture.

3. Students returned with a better understanding of all the opportunities available to them regarding admissions updates, scholarships, upcoming summer programs, and are more likely to add or remove colleges from their Overgrad college list. (please ask them about their experience when you see them in the hallway)

Senior Signing Day Permission Slips Now Available in Skyward
At YES Prep, Senior Signing Day has been a sacred tradition where our Seniors declare what is next in their journey by sharing what college, university, Armed Forces branch, or post-secondary opportunity they will be pursuing after they graduate. Seniors have watched this tradition every year and have earned their moment in the spotlight! 
We are thrilled to share that our 23rd Annual Senior Signing Day event is scheduled to occur Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at the Fertitta Center at the University of Houston. YES Prep will transport 8th – 11th grade students by bus to the Fertitta Center and back to their home campus. All students in grades 8th – 12th grade must have a signed permission slip to attend the event.
Complete permission slip today! https://skyward.iscorp.com/YESPrepTXStuSTS



  • Family Notes

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